Gift Tissue Paper

While tucking a few sheets of tissue paper into a gift bag is one of the more popular uses for the product, there are many other opportunities to incorporate tissue paper into your retail packaging. Line a gift box with beautiful patterned or solid color tissue paper to professionally wrap items like clothing, glassware, or picture frames. Keep standard white bulk tissue paper on hand for wrapping multiple items into a single box or bag, making transportation of the goods more convenient for customers. Boost brand recognition by adding custom printed tissue paper into event bags or party favours, or by simply gathering the custom tissue paper around an item and securing it with a sticker or a gift tag.

With a wide selection of coloured and pattern tissue paper options available, you are sure to find something that either matches your brand perfectly or compliments your other packaging options. If you use a Kraft paper or solid colour shopping bag, you might consider adding tissue paper in a vibrant colour. If you offer gift wrapping services, you will want to keep several different colours and patterns of tissue paper on hand, so you have plenty of options for different occasions, genders, ages and seasons. There are also food-safe tissue paper options for gourmet food shops, restaurants or bakeries, and waxed tissue paper for wrapping items like flowers.

Types Tissue Paper

  • Food Grade Tissue Paper
  • Pattern Tissue Paper
  • Solid Tissue Paper
  • Specialty Tissue Paper
  • Tissue Paper Assortments
  • Waxed Tissue Paper


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