Indoor / Outdoor Corporate Event

Let us help make your event a truly memorable and unifying experience for you and your guests. You get to choose a venue and the kind of vibe you want for your guests. Your private business event doesn’t have to be all indoors, keep in mind that the interior layout is also yours to use and set up as you wish.

  • Year end functions
  • Conferences
  • Catering

You can do all these events indoors or outdoors.
Get your furniture, tent & Marquee with the stanchions, and create your own style.

Hosting your guests in the bush? We bring the bar to you.

  • Mobile bar
  • Catering
  • Photo booth
  • Face painting

Appreciation Events

These programs allow an event host to spend informal time with its guests in a non-traditional environment, giving both parties an opportunity to build rapport and learn more about mutual business priorities.

Appreciation events can range from programs geared toward employee appreciation to those for showing client appreciation, both of which have become a staple in corporate America.

Description: There are limitless possibilities and types of appreciation events that organizations hold throughout the year. Common programs include:

  • Dinner and theatre
  • Day and evening cruises
  • Private parties at music festivals
  • Holiday parties
  • Tickets to a popular event

Seminars and Conferences

Purpose: Organizations plan and hold these meetings with targeted audiences and provide them with relevant information.

Description: Seminars are usually shorter events, lasting anywhere from a couple of hours to a few workdays. They have single or multiple speakers and generally keep all participants together in the same space. Conferences, on the other hand, typically have multiple sessions. They are usually held at hotels, beginning with a keynote session and then offering breakout sessions by topic.

Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings

Purpose: Board meetings and shareholder meetings both serve essential purposes. Board meetings serve as an opportunity for board members to meet to review business performance and meet with company executives to make important decisions. Shareholder meetings provide companies the opportunity to share recent performance, targets, future goals, and business strategies with their shareholders.

Description: Held annually, biannually, or even quarterly, these two types of meetings can be small internal meetings of board members or prestigious large-scale business events for shareholders that range in size depending on the size of the company and shareholder turnout.

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