Join us for an unforgettable pasta making experience with pasta guru Bruna Green, from Bruna’s Italian as she takes us on a journey through Italy, the history of pasta and how it has shaped the culinary world of today.
During this interactive experience, you’ll delve into the different shapes of pasta, flavour combinations and learn that the most flavour some sauces only require three ingredients…
Roll and knead away your stress as you make your own little pieces of heavenly delight to enjoy at the end of the experience just as the nonnas do in Italy.

Bon appetite!


The ladies are invited to the venue for aperitivo and antipasto…think Prosecco, Italian cold cuts, cheeses and bruschetta

The ladies will start their interactive pasta making experience at various pasta stations that will be setup with pasta machines and ingredients
After this, the ladies will wine and dine on their pasta at one long table.

A private venue space will be reserved for 20 ladies to lean into conversations and be inspired by the tastes of Italy. This unique pasta experience offer ladies the opportunity to connect in a bespoke and inspiring encounter that will long be remembered as a magical and memorable afternoon.

Date: TBC
Venue: Mooikrans, Pretoria (or other suggestions are available on request with different price points)
Gift: Pasta machine
Cost per head: R 3 200
Curation fee: R 6 400 (once off)

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