Join us for an unforgettable tournament. An experience that celebrates the excitement, competition, and spirit of this thrilling sport for all skill levels,
friends, families or colleagues. Padel offers a thrilling and inclusive experience for participants and spectators alike.
The fastest growing sport in the world is nothing short of a n excellent day out and about whilst getting your daily dose of VIT D. Bring you’re A game, your laughter and team spirit for a good day out. The venue can accommodate 24 players per tournament on 6 courst


On arrival the guests will be greeted at registration. The guests will receive a personalized branded cap as a gift. Arrival drinks and food
will await the guest as well as a sunblock station to ensure UV protection. There will also be a DJ playing great tracks setting the vibe
for the day. The Padel coac h will take all the players through the rules of the game and answer any necessary questions….the players will then be
placed on the courts and will be allowed a few minutes for practice and warm up. The tournament will take on an Americano playing
style (all 24 players play against one another for a limited amount of time for points, the top three players with the most p oin ts get prizes
Post the event the teams will enjoy drinks and light lunch and the top three players will be announced
The courts w ill be exclusively reserved for the activity to ensure a memorable afternoon.

Date: TBC
Venue: Africa Padel Brooklyn ( or other suggestions are available on request with different price points)
Prizes : The top three players will receive a Padel as a gift (Puma)
Cost per head: R 3 700
Curation fee: R 6 6 00 (once off)


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