Sanitisers – Hand Sanitizing Wipes

While there are important differences between hand sanitizing wipes and disinfecting wipes, the essence of both is to kill or halt the growth of microorganisms. Killing germs is essential to stop the spread of disease. Apart from vaccines, the most effective method of doing so is to stop microorganisms from multiplying and being transmitted from person to person through touching surfaces.

Failure to take precautions – including the use of sanitizing wipes and disinfecting wipes – can place you, your family, your employees and the public at large at a significantly increased risk of illness from flu and other viruses, as well as from fungi- and bacteria-transmitted sickness.

Our hand sanitizing wipes can be purchased in a variety of sizes that make them convenient for those who will be using them.

An ideal hand hygiene solution for staff, patients, family, and friends.  These wipes are designed to work extremely fast and effectively kill a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms. Our hand sanitizing wipes:

  • Are available with and without alcohol.
  • Clinically demonstrate that the product kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Are more effective than gels or foams to remove dirt and soil.
  • These wipes may be safely used before drinking and eating.
  • Are skin-friendly
  • Are available in multiple packaging formats to meet the various needs of your facility.


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