Virtual Reality (VR) Challenge

An exciting and unique team building activity, focused on communication and coordination and a great way to introduce delegates to the exciting world of VR.

This competitive team challenge revolves around the cutting edge game experience ‘keep talking and nobody explodes’. This game challenges teams to deactivate a bomb which exists in a virtual world. The team are given bomb disposal manuals and other materials.


  • Teams race against time to defuse a bomb
  • The latest cutting edge VR equipment is provided
  • Teams must learn to communicate clearly and concisely while collaborating to void catastrophe. Excitement mounts as the puzzles and challenges become more difficult
  • The winning team is the team that defuses the virtual bomb in the quickest amount of time.

Virtual Reality is steadily becoming more mainstream and accessible. With Apple, Microsoft and Google all working on their own consumer VR, tech experts predict that it will become mainstream within the next 2-3 years. This activity is a great way to expose delegates to the power of this exciting new technology.

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